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Every good reason for loving us

Let's talk business!, 0% COMMISSION, NO SERVICE CHARGES, 100% PROFITS, 100% CLIENT CONTACTS, 100% OF YOUR MONEY STRAIGHT INTO YOUR BANK , Never pay excessive costs, Avoid more than 14% commission on every order placed , Get new customers and make existing ones more loyal, Make your brand stronger, Get back your customers' details, Have total control over customer service including delivery deals and menu creation, EVERY GOOD REASON FOR CHOOSING US, Start saving today...


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Make Admin or Service Charges to your clients, Charge you for VAT upfront on everything, Get your card clients to pay them, not you, Charge you commissions on your cash sales, Pay you only after 1 week...and always after deductions, Barr you from your own clients' details , Barr you from your own clients' details , Barr you from your own clients' details
Their Admin Charges alone, cost you more per day than our most expensive plan….
(Based on average 25 orders per day)

why pay more?

Stop bleeding money! Keep your hard earned cash and get our powerful system with
0% commissions

need card payments?

No problem! Our major Credit Card Payments Providers are ready to help you get your money straight into your bank account

automate everything

From order to kitchen to delivery, our system will give you the power to minimize customers' waiting time


Our feature-rich system will enable you to choose only what is right for you, no need to pay for extras

Choose your perfect plan


Get your own FREE restaurant ordering system!
Unlimited orders



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With our ALL-IN-ONE turnkey solution, just switch on and you're ready to save...



Frequently asked questions

I feel I’m bleeding money . . . all my profits are eaten up by online ordering apps

If that’s how you feel, this site is for you . . .

  1. We do not sell apps or websites
  2. Our strategy is not to compete with your existing solutions
  3. We support your business on a personal level
  4. Our current clients continue to use their own apps and providers
  5. In summary, our “APP”:
    • Is not an app or a website but a powerful “system”
    • It is designed to provide you with a NEW income stream
    • Over a relatively short period of time, it is capable of doubling your turnover and more
    • It will save you tons of money against other providers, and therefore increase your profits
    • It will help you recapture your clients’ details and thus the control of your business
    • It will create and increase your own loyal client base and raise your local profile
    • Its affordability will allow you to reward your clients with fabulous discounts
    • Your business will grow and you will have more time with our assistance
  6. The list of benefits with us is far too long to discuss in details here, but we encourage you to check them out. Please click here to learn more

There is no need!

In fact, please don’t get us wrong….we love other systems.

For less than a ‘Fish Supper’ a day you can:

  • Keep your hard earned cash
  • Ensure you increase your client base
  • Learn how to do it here at a price that is right for you
  1. No Commissions forever
  2. No Admin or Service Charges to your clients
  3. Keep all your Profits
  4. Keep all your Client Details
  5. All your Money goes straight into your bank … immediately!

There are many more benefits for you to enjoy, far too many to list…..

It costs you nothing to join

0% commissions forever

 You chose the plan that is right for you

 Simply add features as you need them

 Unlimited  Orders

 Unlimited Locations

 No Set-Up fees

 No hidden costs

 No Service Charges made to your customers

 Keep all your profits

 Keep all your customers’ details

 All your card payments immediately and straight into your bank

 Keep your account with JustEat and / or anyone else


You get a Restaurant App and with it

  • Your staff take orders online
  • Print Kitchen Orders
  • Print Customers Receipts
  • Easy to use
  • No mistakes
  • Choice of 45 Languages

Sure thing!

They get an App, and with it

  • They can order online
  • See pictures of what they order
  • Save their details for future orders
  • Pay on delivery or collection (you decide)
  • Easy to use
  • No mistakes

For your customers:

This a SHARED marketplace app, featuring a curated list of restaurants that use our online ordering system. Join our virtual food court with integrated mobile ordering. Best part?

It’s Free and No commissions.




This a CUSTOM WEB APP, featuring your restaurant and company logo, also using our online ordering system. This app can be also used on your legacy website, your Facebook page and is automatically listed on our site too. Customers can save it on their Home Screen for easy access, no download necessary, therefore no memory requirements for your phone or tablet. All links to this app can be made via custom QR code. Best part?

It’s Free and No commissions.





For your restaurant:

This app comes bundled with our hardware (Plans 1 & 2). All plans require installation by us on your hardware (see requirements). With this app, your restaurant can take orders and measure all statistics.

It’s Free with all our plans.

The Restaurant App driving your printer needs to be Version 6.01 or higher.

Note: If your printer can only print text (not also images), the receipt comes out in a plain-text format that you cannot customize.

Recommended printers

We’ve looked at the most popular printers used by our clients and picked the ones that perform best. All the printers below are reliable, easy to install and support image printing. Moreover, we have them in our office for testing and are the first ones we debug in case of issues. So if you want to buy a thermal printer to connect to the order taking app, we highly recommend one from this list.

When buying a printer, pay close attention to its characteristics, as the name alone can be deceiving. There are several models under the same name, and usually they differ only by color and interface (how they are able to connect).

For example, EPSON TM-T20II is a series with 2 models. You need to buy the one with Ethernet, if you wish to connect it to the order taking app. The USB + Serial model would be completely useless.


PrinterConnectivityImage printing
EPSON TM-T20IIModel: EthernetEthernetOk
EPSON TM-T82EthernetOk
EPSON TM-T82IIEthernet, WiFi with dongleOk
EPSON TM-T88VEthernet, WiFiOk
STAR TSP143IIIModels: Ethernet (LAN) or Wi-Fi (WLAN)Ethernet / WiFiOk
STAR TSP654Model: Ethernet (LAN)EthernetOk

Other supported printers

These printers work ok and we actively support them as well:

  • EPSON TM-m30, models: Ethernet only, Ethernet + Bluetooth, Ethernet + WiFi
  • EPSON TM-T20, model: Ethernet
  • EPSON TM-T70II, model: USB + Ethernet, USB + WiFi
  • EPSON TM-T88IV, model: USB + Ethernet
  • EPSON TM-T88VI, all models have Ethernet built-in and WiFi with dongle
  • START SP143

Why we don’t recommend Bluetooth

Although the order taking app allows you to connect a thermal printer via Bluetooth, we don’t recommend it. Here’s why:

  • Discovering the printer via Bluetooth is often times rather difficult. Also, for many printers, once the connection is lost, it cannot be re-established automatically;
  • Bluetooth has a range of maximum 10 meters and is prone to interferences from other EM waves (like microwave oven or some WiFi networks);
  • We have encountered size limitations with printers from different manufacturers (like Star TSP650II and Seiko RP-10).

Plan 1
You purchase your own hardware. The minimum requirements are an Android 6.0.1 Mobile Phone or Tablet and a recommended LAN Thermal Printer and all cables.

Plan 2
None for you. Simply sign the Rental Agreement and you are on your way to save tons of money. We install and maintain SW and HW. Any problem with the machines? We collect the faulty one and replace it with a working one.
You pay nothing!

Please ask one of our Resellers:

what Our clients say

"Sales results are picking up now. I think the system is superb.
Best I have ever found."
Jeff S.
Killer's Tacos
"I am completely amazed by your free service. I cannot even express how happy we are to use it. The system does not crash, which is not always the case with other providers, it's easy and simple and would recommend any restaurant to use it."
Ivan B.
"Your customer service has been stellar...
I was initially concerned ... but you have delivered excellent, prompt and understandable customer service every time."
Julie P.
Sandwich Pizza House
"I am very happy with the system. I wouldn't swap it for any other systems. My customers find it very user friendly, it is easy to use, and costs effective to run."
Jahangir A.
Mint Leaf Lounge
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