How takeaways are cutting their Just Eat bills

It seems every takeaway we speak to readily acknowledges that Just Eat is good for bringing in new customers. However, problems arise when regular customers – who perhaps previously called in orders by phone – start using Just Eat instead. What was a commission-free order becomes 12-13% per order. The true cost quickly adds up and, alarmingly, many restaurants are finding themselves on the receiving end of a huge and fast-growing monthly bill. Worst of all, questioning the survival of any business, costs are rising far faster than overall revenues. Yet the new world of online orders is here to stay and, not surprisingly, takeaways are beginning the fight-back. While you can’t just switch off Just Eat, there are ways to take the pain away. The strategy with the widest appeal is keeping Just Eat for new customers but incentivising loyal customers to order direct. The technology for direct online orders is available today, inexpensive, easy-to-set-up and easy-to-use and proving to be well worth the effort. - PREODAY

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