Sales Contract

(Simplified Version)


a trading brand of
Attenti A Quei Due Limited
(The Company)
a Company Registered in Scotland N.SC623839
VAT Registration N.317261323
Registered Office: 52 Bruce Street, Dunfermline, Fife, United Kingdom, KY12 7AG

(The Client/s)

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* Payment for your package is by standing order. If, after one week, payment is not being sent, the system automatically switches off, and orders will no longer be processed. Unless you choose to reinstate the service, a representative will collect your machine if one was supplied.

The Companies mentioned in this contract (The Companies), agree to be bound by all the Terms and Conditions (The Terms) as found on (The Company) main site, (The Site) which regulates all Clients’ (The Client/s) relationships, unless otherwise stated or otherwise covered by separate contract as specifically superseding this one. This is a Simplified Contract (The Contract) encompassing all Terms mentioned above. By signing this Contract you implicitly agree to be bound by said Terms under the jurisdiction of the Laws of Scotland (The Law).
No variation to this Contract is permitted without previous written consent by and agreement by both parties (The Parties).
Both Parties agree that the validity of this Contract, as sanctioned by the Terms of our Company, shall remain in force for a period of one year minimum from signing of the same, plus any pre-determined extension/s, with no allowable premature rescinding of the same, unless so agreed in writing by the Parties, and as subject to the Company’s Terms. The Parties also agree that, in the event of such premature rescinding, the Company, at its sole discretion may impose an early exit penalty and the switching off of all services (The Services) to the Client. The Client also agrees that the misuse of the company’s Site or Equipment will irrevocably and inevitably lead to the irritation of this Contract, and the switching off of all Services at the sole discretion of our Company.
Any violation, by mutual agreement, enforceable by the signing of this Contract, is subject to the Law and the Company will seek all remedies available to recover any losses whatsoever from the Client. The Client also agrees that by signing this Contract, the Company is relieved from any claim for compensation for any losses whatsoever, consequential or otherwise, for interruption of Services or any and all other reasons.
The Client, at their prerogative and choice can rescind from this Contract after one year and decide not to renew, provided a written request is received by the Company no less than 4 weeks in advance of the Contract’s end date. Failure to do so will mean that the Company has the right to enroll the Client for a further year. The Client understands and agrees that this is a shortened version of the main contractual points found on the Company’s Terms as expressed on their Sites, which govern and supersede any omission or oversight contained in this Contract.

For and on behalf of the Company

For and on behalf of the Client

The above signatures are accepted as holographs

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